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March 11, 2003


by David Orchard

A leading contender for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, M.P. Peter MacKay, has advocated that Canada participate in an armed attack on Iraq, with or without the sanction of the United Nations. Such an attack by Canada on Iraq would be a clear violation of international law, as set out in the Nuremberg Tribunal rulings, the Geneva Convention and the Charter of the United Nations itself, which prohibits the use of force by a nation except in self defence. Self defence requires an armed attack by Iraq to have taken place or to be demonstrably imminent. Under the rulings of the Nuremberg Tribunal, a participant in an illegal war is liable for its actions. An attack by Canada on Iraq would also be a violation of our own domestic law, as set out in the National Defence Act.

Progressive Conservatives have historically been strong defenders of international law for both moral and practical reasons. If we throw away the framework of international law our own sovereignty is put at risk. The rule of international law is particularly important to smaller nations, perhaps none more so than Canada with its vast space and limited means of defence.

Without the rule of international law, it is the rule of the jungle which prevails. I stand strongly opposed to an attack by Canada on Iraq unless it occurs in legitimate self defence.

David Orchard
Progressive Conservative Leadership Candidate
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