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Toronto Star, May 25, 2005

Not part of move to `dump Harper'

by David Orchard

Bob Hepburn writes that there's a growing "dump (Stephen) Harper movement" in the Conservative party. David Orchard, he says, is "a key player."

A "dump anybody" movement is one of insiders and, in the case of Harper, Conservative party members. I am neither, and was even denied the opportunity to attend the party's first convention as an observer. A movement to "dump Harper" may well exist in the Conservative party. I know nothing of it. Neither am I part of any other group trying to unseat Harper.

Hepburn writes that this group is "working the phones." That, too, is news to me. The phone calls I am making have to do with prices of wheat, oats and fuel, arrangements for leaf-cutter bees to pollinate alfalfa crops and getting the seed into the ground on my farms.

One would hope the Toronto Star would subscribe to higher standards of journalistic accuracy.

David Orchard, Borden, Sask.

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