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The Sun articles moved Joe Hueglin, former PC MP, PC party Ontario riding president and publisher of the Conservative/Communications/Net Daily Digest, to publish the following comment the same day, August 2, 2002:

(The Daily Digest features newspaper articles of interest and comments by PC party activists on issues of the day affecting the party and the country. It's available by e-mail - please contact Joe Hueglin at hueglinj@cogeco.ca)

"Tory brass suspect coup at convention"
"Leftist Tory coup feared"
"Clark backer raises Tory eyebrows"

Let's analyze what the unnamed "High-ranking Tories" have said to their media attack dogs to-day:

"Tories working to oust Clark fear David Orchard, an anti-free trade activist, is attempting to take over the Conservative party and transform it into a socialist one."


Has the threat to the Party been from those with a "socialist" bent? A term that includes me I guess in that I was recently called a "crimson" Conservative?


It has been from "principled conservatives" whose aim is to "unite the right" at any cost to the Party.

"High-ranking Tories estimate Orchard has about 250 followers attending the convention, all of whom have been instructed to vote for Clark in the confidence vote.

But that's not enough support to guarantee the 50% plus one vote needed to avoid a leadership race. Clark has not said what level of support he requires to stay on as leader."


Let's assume there are 1,250 delegates. Deducting the 20% who they fear are going to take over the Party leaves 1,000 delegates unaccounted for, right?

The anonimi by stating "But that's not enough support to guarantee the 50% plus one vote" are predicting its questionable whether 37.6% of the untainted delegates will vote No and give the Leader a bare 50% + 1.

You do the math... I'm lousy at it... but I think there's wishful thinking involved, or a desire to impress those not yet of firm opinion.

As to "Clark has not said what level of support he requires to stay on as leader"? This is a downright inexactitude, aimed at establishing a goal post at 66% or 70 or ?.

"A lot of Tories are very angry at the pact," said a former Clark supporter who is now working to oust him. "Without David Orchard, Joe Clark would be dead."


This unnamed "former Clark supporter" speaks of the pact that "A lot of Tories are very angry at."

Have you heard the details of the pact or indeed of the pact itself?

Are you "angry" at the "pact" or at those who are prepared to raise the boogymen of socialism and secret pacts?

As you can gather I am angry and any other adjective you wish to add and that comes to mind.

Let those who speak of pacts produce them

Let the come forward from behind their closed doors

Let them state their positive alternatives to our Leader

Or . . . Last night someone asked me if I was running for an office, apparently he'd heard I was.

This was my answer:


As things stand the Daily Digest enables me to present views without let or stay from anyone. Elected, independence would be lost

Though I am just a trooper in the Party whoever the anonimi are will have me marked after to-day, particularly after I refer you to another talk of a "pact" that was of a similar nature but which had devastating consequences.

As always, anyone wishing to no longer receive the Daily Digest needs only ask.


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