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Meadow Lake Progress and Northern Pride, Sunday, February 3, 2008

Letter to the editor
Will Dorion ever learn?

Dear Editor

re: Appointment best serves Northerners, Star Phoenix, January 31 edition

If it came to a war, there is just some people you would not want to be in the same trenches with. Rather than continue to fight for democracy and freedom of choice by the people who supported him. John Dorion's defection can only be explained by his own expected loss to David Orchard in a fair context.

His vile criticism of Orchard only proves this and will lower rather than increase his own position in the eyes of the thousands of people not only in the North but across Canada that still support David. Compare this to the "few" dozens of people who bought memberships from him.

If John Dorion really thinks he can unite all the Liberals by his misguided defection in what would appear as a hopeless cause, John had best start by apologizing not only to Orchard but to the thousands of people across Canada who must feel insulted by his remarks. To many of us that have know John for many years, we wonder will ever learn?

Frank Tomkins, Saskatoon, SK

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