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The Prince Albert Daily Herald, Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Contact conundrums

By Joshua Page, Herald Staff

Despite being Canada's worst kept secret for months, the recently called federal election revealed outdated or incorrect information on party websites for the Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River riding.

The Green Party website claims that Robin Orr is its candidate, but that information is outdated and refers to the by-election in March. A call to the organizer listed on Orr's nomination site led to another name and alleged candidate. But the official word from the Green Party's Ottawa office said they don't have a candidate yet.

Conservative MP Rob Clarke's election site lists an out of service number. According to the party's media line, they are behind in updating contact information for candidates.

The NDP also lagged behind. Brian Morin is their candidate, but the number listed on the NDP's site leads to its 2006 nominee, Anita Jackson. She said she's received numerous calls from people looking for Morin.

"Sure doesn't say much about the people wanting to represent us up here," said Jackson of the dysfunction. "They need to change the number."

The only candidate with reliable contact information for residents to call is Liberal David Orchard.

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