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Meadow Lake Progress, October 19, 2008

Orchard proud of election race

By Kathy Gallant, Progress Staff

Marjaleena Repo, one of David Orchard's campaign managers takes a look at early poll results on Tuesday, October 14.  Photo by Kathy Gallant

Despite being tagged as a top contender in the race in Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River, Orchard was approximately 3,100 votes behind incumbent Rob Clarke after the final votes were tallied.

Liberal candidate David Orchard is disappointed after not winning the seat for Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River, but is proud he got to meet and greet with so many people.

Orchard received 5,816 votes, while incumbent Member of Parliament and Conservative Rob Clarke won the seat with a total of 8,964.

New Democrat Brian Morin, the Green Party's George Morin, and First People's National Party of Canada's candidate Rob Ballantyne received 3,412, 735, and 282 votes respectively.

He said in the big picture, he is glad there is a minority government yet again.

"Nationally, there was a split in the vote," he said in an interview on Wednesday, October 15.

"The Conservatives didn't get a majority, so that means people were out there voting for other parties, and different representation for Canada."

"Five weeks is a short time to get going for an election," said Orchard.

"Finding an office, getting around our large constituency, and also trying to finish harvesting at the same time has been a challenge. I quite literally had to jump from the combine right on to the election trail. I was able to speak with a lot of people throughout this time, though."

Orchard said he wished that the Conservatives had stuck by their rule of fixed election dates, but thinks that several issues were brought to the forefront.

"Throughout my tour of the riding, I heard and discussed a lot of issues with constituents," he said.

"Democracy, the environment, farming, housing. A lot of things were brought up and discussed. I especially enjoyed the debates that were held over the course of the election. It allowed these issues to be discussed openly and candidly."

Overall, Orchard said that he is happy with what he accomplished during the election, despite not winning the seat.

"I was out there, I was interactive, I am glad that I got to meet with so many wonderful people," he said.

"I wish (Rob) Clarke luck with this position and in the riding."

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