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Melville Advance (SK), Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Letter to the editor
Afraid of Orchard

by Greg Chatterson

The Saskatchewan Federal Constituency of Desneth-Missinippi-Churchill River has been vacated and the by election has been called. David Orchard has put his name into the hat as contender for the nomination but surprise, surprise his leader Mr. Dion has set aside proper democratic nomination procedure and hand picked former provincial cabinet minister and sitting NDP MLA Joan Beatty as the Liberal candidate for the Riding.

Mr. Orchard, being the political hot potato that he is has once again been betrayed by the major political party he has enthusiastically chosen to throw his support behind.

First was his betrayal by Peter MacKay who stabbed him in the back in order to attain the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party, only to destroy that party in favor of a brand spanking new Conservative Party full of ancient republicans. One that made it clear they had no room for Orchard or his supporters.

Now his faith in throwing his support behind the Liberals, has taken a major blow even though he was astute enough to support Stephane Dion in the Liberal Party Leadership race. Amazingly his fellow Liberal and only other sitting MP in Saskatchewan, Ralph Goodale, is spearheading the attack against him. The justification presented by the Liberals being that the Northern riding should be held by an aboriginal and a woman for gender parody.

If they had bothered to recognize Orchards credentials, they would realize that he already has undisputed mutual respect in both areas of Aboriginal affairs and gender parody.

The multinational financers that largely control both major parties take this man and his grass roots movement as a deadly serious threat to their strangle hold on Canadian politics. They demonize the man and stand in his path to Parliament when ever possible because his stubborn integrity, patriotism and honesty has proven incorruptible. As apposed to the discredited title politician Orchard is a modern day Statesman.

These rotting old political monstrosities are no place for you David. You’ve been banging your head against ingrained, historical corruption directed by no greater philosophy than power for the economic elite by any means for long enough. Your obviously standing in their way and you have the applause of many Canadians for your courage and commitment in doing so. So if you can’t reform the Liberals into a patriotic party for Canada then your welcome to join us in the Greens.

Greg Chatterson
Fort Qu’Appelle

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