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Regina Leader Post, Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Letter to the Editor
Magic tricks

by Larry Zepp

In northern Saskatchewan, as in all of Canada, Liberal voters assumed that democracy existed. But this month, Stephane the Magnificent, Dion the magician, waved his magic wand and, to everyone's surprise and shock and awe, made democracy disappear.

John Dorion and Dave Orchard had been campaigning hard for several months, signing up new members and soliciting support for the nomination meeting. They believed there was democracy. But Ralph Goodale, the assistant to the magician, whispered in Master Dion's ear, "Do it". Dion waved his magical cape into the air, thrust his magic wand upwards and cried, "Let Joan Beatty be the candidate".

And, magically, she was transformed into the candidate. And at the same instant, democracy disappeared.

The onlookers stood shocked in awe. They wondered, "How did he do that ?"

Larry Zepp
Prince Albert

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