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Vancouver Sun, Friday, Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Political gadfly gives hope to disgusted voters

Re: Both Tories and Liberals will have to step lightly, Barbara Yaffe, Jan. 26

When Barbara Yaffe writes that David Orchard is "seen as a gadfly by some in his new party," that is not necessarily a bad thing. The dictionary says gadflies "bite or annoy livestock and other animals." Certainly in the quarter century-plus that Orchard has been on the political scene championing a sovereign Canada, he has put a nip or two into some old bulls' backsides. One could, I suppose, say he's been an annoyance to that waddling smelly old beast which has become Ottawa federal politics. (Go, gadfly!)

Let's not forget that other aspect of the humble gadfly -- it "acts as a provocative stimulus, a goad." Orchard certainly has stimulated tens of thousands of disgusted Canadian voters to believe again in the Canadian democratic political system; doubtless his example and inspiration have goaded them back into active citizenship within the Canadian political system. So here's to gadflies and goading!

Margo Lamont Catamo

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