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Understanding the systematic dismantling of Yugoslavia

To understand what happened to (the former) Yugoslavia is a key to understanding what is going on in the world in 2008. The bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 was, in effect, globalism's first war, with other illegal invasions, occupations and assaults on sovereign countries to follow, with increasing speed and brutality.

The following books are "must reads" for all who want to know how a functioning country was destroyed, bit by bit, by the Western powers, and what that meant for all humanity. They are all available from Campaign for Canada, Box 1983, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 3S5, tel 306-664-8443, email

Edward S. Herman and David Peterson, The dismantling of Yugoslavia. A study in inhumanitarian intervention — and a Western liberal-left intellectual and moral collapse. (A special issue of Monthly Review, October 2007) $5.00 Mailing $3.00.

Peter Brock, Media cleansing: Dirty reporting. Journalism and tragedy in Yugoslavia. Foreword by David Binder. (GM Books 2006) $25.00 Mailing $10.00.
Read review of Peter Brock's book by Ed Herman

Michael Mandel, How America gets away with murder: Illegal wars, collateral damage and crimes against humanity (Pluto Press 2004) $25.00 Mailing $4.00
Read review of Michael Mandel's book by Ed Herman

Diana Johnstone, Fools' crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO and Western delusions (Monthly Review Press 2002) $20.00 Mailing $4.00 Read review of Diana Johnstone's book by Ed Herman

Jean Bricmont, Humanitarian imperialism (Monthly Review Press 2006) $15.00 Mailing $4.00.
Read interview with Jean Bricmont
Read book review by Steven Sherman: "The perils of humanist intervention" Counterpunch, June 6, 2007.

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