David Orchard’s Itinerary - 2004
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Wednesday, December 8, 2004 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT
(Rebroadcast same night at 12 midnight ET, 9 p.m. PT)

CPAC "Talk Politics"

David Orchard interviewed by Ken Rockburn in a half hour programme. For station, please check local listings. Watch live at www.cpac.ca

Friday, December 3, 2004
1-2 p.m. MT (4-5 p.m. AT, 3-4 p.m. ET, 2-3 p.m. CT, 12-1 p.m. PT)

CBC Radio Alberta "Wild Rose Forum" with Don Hill

David Orchard interview and phone-in: "Whither David Orchard?" Call toll-free 1-866-468-4422 to be part of the discussion Listen live at AM1010 in Calgary, AM740 in Edmonton. (Click here for other Alberta frequencies.) Listen LIVE ON THE INTERNET at www.cbc.ca. (Click on Calgary.)

Maple Leaf

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
7 p.m.

Caledon Public Library, Bolton Branch
Albion-Bolton Community Centre
150 Queen Street South (Hwy 50), Bolton, ON

David Orchard speaks on "Canadian sovereignty in a globalized world." All welcome, free public forum. For more information please contact Donna Forster at Forster Book Garden, tel 905-951-1501 or toll free 1-877-553-5564 e-mail: forkam@3web.net

Maple Leaf

Monday, November 29, 2004
2 p.m.

South Ross Bldg, Room 674
York University, Toronto, ON

David Orchard on "Canada in a globalized world"
Free admission, all welcome. For more information contact Marc Carver, tel 416-778-7027, e-mail: marc_carver@edu.yorku.ca

Maple Leaf

Friday, November 26, 2004
7 p.m.

Native Canadian Centre
16 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON

David Orchard speaks on "Canadian sovereignty in a globalized world." Free public meeting, all welcome. For more information please contact Grant Orchard at tel 416-778-7027, e-mail: grantorchard@bellnet.ca

Maple Leaf

Thursday, November 25, 2004
11:35 a.m.

York Memorial Collegiate Institute
Toronto, ON

David Orchard, guest lecture
(Open to York Memorial students only)

Maple Leaf

Monday, November 22, 2004
7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT),
rebroadcast 1 a.m. ET (10 p.m. PT)

CPAC, "Revue Politique" with Pierre Donais

David Orchard in an interview on the issues of the day and his experience in the Progressive Conservative party. (NB: this interview will be in French with English translation provided.)

Maple Leaf

Saturday, November 20, 2004
1 - 4 p.m.

The Fox and Feather Pub (upstairs)
283 Elgin St., Ottawa (corner of MacLaren and Elgin)

Meeting with David Orchard, his friends and supporters All welcome. For more information please contact Grant Orchard at tel 416-778-2027, e-mail: grantorchard@bellnet.ca

Maple Leaf

Thursday, November 18, 2004
6 p.m.

Concordia University, Lecture Hall H110, Hall Bidg
1455 de Maisonneuve W., Montreal, P.Q.
6:00p.m. EST (3:00p.m. PST)

David Orchard shares the podium Dr. David Suzuki who will speak at 7:00 p.m. EST (4:00 p.m.) "Canada and the environment in the 21st century." David Orchard's speech will include how NAFTA is affecting Canada's ability to protect the environment. There will be a substantial question period.

Both David Orchard's and David Suzuki's speeches will be webcast LIVE on the internet -- go to http://www.csu.qc.ca/ and click on the link in the blue banner that says live web cast.

Maple Leaf

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
6 p.m.

Concordia University, Lecture Hall H110, Hall Bldg
Montreal, P.Q.

David Orchard speaks about organic agriculture and genetically modified crops as part of Concordia Student Union's week on "Canada and the environment in the 21st century." Free public meeting, all welcome. (The week also features speeches by David Suzuki, a member of the Danish government, and Canada's Minister of the Environment, Stéphane Dion.)

Maple Leaf

Tuesday, November 9, 2004
12:30 p.m.

NorQuest College, Auditorium
Edmonton, AB

David Orchard speaks on "Straitjacket for our dreams - Canadian sovereignty under free trade."
(This lecture is open to NorQuest students only)

Maple Leaf

Tuesday, November 9, 2004
8 p.m.

Room 1303, Red Deer College
Red Deer, AB

David Orchard speaks on "Free trade, B.S.E. and Canadian sovereignty"
Free public meeting, all welcome. Sponsored by Red Deer College Political Science Society. For more information please contact Jeff Sloychuk, tel 403-872-1088, e-mail: rdcpolisci@hotmail.com

Maple Leaf

Wednesday, November 3, 2004
6 - 8:50 p.m. AB time (8 - 10:50 EST, 5 - 7:50 PST)

"Canada -what is its historical mandate in North America and the global community?"

A web streamed panel discussion with David Orchard; Richard Julien, professor of curriculum studies, University of Saskatchewan; and Anthony Hall, founding coordinator of "Globalization Studies," University of Lethbridge and author of The American Empire and the Fourth World. This University of Lethbridge credit course seminar is simultaneously a live chat which interested people are encouraged to join. For more information please go here or e-mail Professor Anthony Hall at tonyhall@shaw.ca NB: to download Quicktime 6 needed to view the webcast, please click here.

Maple Leaf

Saturday, October 16, 2004
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Innisfree Recreation Centre
Innisfree, AB

Symposium on B.S.E.
An all day, free public meeting to examine
the crisis in Canada's beef industry

David Orchard will speak at the end of the morning session to address some of the key questions and sum up the discussion.

Questions before the panel are: "Who has been hurt by B.S.E., who has gained? Is the B.S.E. border closure legal under NAFTA? Is the beef industry being sacrificed by Ottawa for fear of offending the U.S. government? Ninety percent of Canada's beef packing industry is U.S. owned -- does it matter? Why won't the U.S. and Canada agree to European and Japanese testing standards and why is Canada behind in the testing necessary to keep its status as a country of minimal risk ? In the U.S., meatpackers have been outlawed from owning cattle, so that they can't manipulate prices -- should Canada follow suit? Should provincial and federal governments hold an emergency public debate on B.S.E.?" and more...


Leon Benoit, Conservative MP for Vegreville/Wainwright
Lloyd Snelgrove, PC MLA for Lloydminster/Vermilion
Doug Livingstone, Farmer, cattleman, Former President of Alberta Wheat Pool
Bernie & Mike Kotelko, Highland Feeders, AB
Terry Pugh, National Farmers Union,
Journalist and author, Saskatoon, SK
Danny Baranec, Farmer, Innisfree, AB
Jan Slomp, Dairyman, Rimbey, AB
Andrew Nikiforuk, Journalist and author, Calgary, AB
David Orchard, Organic farmer and author, Borden, SK
Roy Atkinson, Farmer and Former President
of the National Farmers Union, SK
Stan Schellenberger, Former MP,
Co-op Packing Plant, Spruce Grove, AB
Ken Rosaasen, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan
Neil Waugh, Journalist, Edmonton Sun
James Baxter, Journalist, Edmonton Journal
Jim Unterschulz, Economist, University of Alberta
Barbara Duckworth, Journalist, Western Producer


Don Hill, host of Alberta CBC Radio's noon hour
phone-in, "Wild Rose Forum."

All welcome, free admission, silver collection. Coffee and lunch available at cost. Sponsored by Innisfree Economic Development. For more information please contact Grant Bergman, tel 780-592-2167

Maple Leaf

Thursday, July 15, 2004
5:30 p.m.

Scandinavian Community Centre
6540 Thomas Street, Burnaby, BC

Post-Canada Day and Post-Election
Salmon Barbecue with David Orchard

Tickets $12, available at the door.
Please RSVP by July 13, 2004 to
Cady Williams, tel (604) 254-8754 or
Ruth Sherwood, tel (604) 987-0626 or
Rose-Marie Larsson at rlarsson@telus.net

Maple Leaf

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
CKNW Radio 980 AM, "Bill Good Programme"
9:30 - 10 a.m. PT (phone-in)

Marjaleena Repo, Senior Advisor to David Orchard and Duff Conacher, Democracy Watch, discuss the trend towards lower voter turnouts in Canada's federal elections.
Programme is archived here. (18:46 minutes)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
KPFA Radio, Berkeley CA,
7:30 - 8 a.m. PT

David Orchard, Anne Medina, Host of History Television's History on Film, and Sylvia Bashevkin, University of Toronto Professor of Political Science, in a 1/2 hour discussion about the outcome of the Canadian federal election.
Programme archived here.
(27:41 minutes)

(KPFA broadcasts on 94.1 FM and KPFB 89.3 FM, Berkeley, and KFCF 88.1 FM, Fresno, California, as part of Pacifica Radio Network)

DON'T MISS! CPAC interview
with David Orchard on his farm

Sunday, June 27, 2004
(Rebroadcast, part of CPAC's election coverage)
11:00 am ET (8:00am PT) and again at
11:00 pm ET (8:00 pm PT)

Catherine Latham, of CPAC's "Campaign Politics," profiles the riding of Saskatoon-Wanuskewin. Her report includes a lengthy interview with David Orchard on his farm -- the first televised interview David Orchard has made from there. Live video streaming at www.cpac.ca


Saturday, June 26, 2004
CFRB Newstalk 1010AM, Toronto
"Christina Cherneskey Show"
11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT)

David Orchard interview and phone-in show.
Listen live at http://www.cfrb.com.


Friday, June 25, 2004
CBC Radio - "Wild Rose Forum"
1-2:00pm in SK and AB

David Orchard and National Post columnist Colby Cosh are guests on Don Hill's noon hour phone in show. You can listen live at www.cbc.ca. (Click on Clagary.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004,
CPAC TV - "Campaign Politics"
10:00pm ET (7:00pm PT)
Wednesday, Jun 23 at 3:00am and 8:00am ET
   (12:01am and 5:00am PT)
Sunday Jun 27 at 11:00am ET (8:00am PT)

Catherine Lathem takes an in-depth look at the riding of Saskatoon-Wanuskewin (Sask.). Her report includes a recent visit to David Orchard's farm which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. This will be the first television interview David has given at his farm. More detail at CPAC's Campaign Politics. The interview may also be shown on Prime Time Politics, 8:00pm ET weeknights.

Sunday, June 20, 2004
Global TV, "Global Sunday" with Danielle Smith

This week on Global Sunday: Conscientious Objectors

"On election night will you be voting for or against a political party? Many Canadians will be breaking party loyalty this time around and they aren't alone. This week on Global Sunday former Liberal Senator Anne Cools and former PC leadership hopeful David Orchard square off on their decisions to part company with their traditional parties."

5:30 p.m. local time in B.C., Lethbridge, AB, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic Canada

6:30 p.m. local time in Calgary and Edmonton, AB, Quebec and Ontario

Across Canada on Global television stations (for channel, please check local listings),

View the video here. (23:15 minutes)

Transcript will be posted here.

Maple Leaf Maple Leaf Maple Leaf

Tuesday, April 27, 10:30 am.
Court of Appeal,
130 Queen Street West (old Osgoode Hall)
Toronto, ON

Appeal Hearing, Merger case, Ahenakew vs MacKay.

Appeal of December 5, 2003 ruling by Justice Juriansz in the Canadian Alliance - PC Party merger case.

Maple Leaf

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
10:30 a.m.
Court Room 1
Ontario Court of Appeal
130 Queen Street West
(old Osgoode Hall)
Toronto, ON

Maple Leaf


Thursday, April 8, 2004 2:30 p.m.
Education Building, Room 619,
University of Regina, SK

A Forum on Conservatism; "What Does It Mean To Be Conservative?"

The Department of Political Science and The Canada Research Chair in Social Justice presents A Forum on Conservatism; "What Does It Mean To Be Conservative?" featuring David Orchard, with Commentaries by Professors John Whyte and Shadia Drury and Moderator Dr. Allan Cahoon (V.P. Rsearch).

The demise of the Progressive Conservative party and the creation of the new Conservative party raise questions about what it means to be conservative. Does the term 'conservative' mean anything at all? Or has it become meaningless? David Orchard, who has played a significant role in the now defunct Progressive Conservative party, will tell us what it means to him to be conservative. Shadia Drury will argue that conservatism is a dilemma that is integral to the human heart—we are all conservatives at heart even if it is impossible to be conservative. John Whyte will explore the transformation of conservatism that is going on before our eyes.

All welcome. For more information please contact Jodie Henry, Assistant/Secretary Canada Research Chair in Social Justice, tel 306-585-5411

Maple Leaf

Sunday, April 4, 2004  6 - 6:30 a.m. ET
CKLW Radio, Windsor, ON  AM800

David Orchard interviewed by former federal Liberal Minister of Agriculture Eugene Whelan on his "Agriculture hour." (Repeat of CFRA broadcast, April 3, 2004)

The programme is archived here. There is a slight pause between part 1 and part 2 (32:17 minutes total).

Maple Leaf

Saturday, April 3, 2004  6 - 6:30 a.m. ET
CFRA Radio, Ottawa AM580

David Orchard interviewed by former federal Liberal Minister of Agriculture Eugene Whelan on his "Agriculture hour." Can be heard in the Ottawa area, the Ottawa Valley, North Bay, and in Pontiac, PQ, and live on the internet. (Click on Windows Media Player or on WMC.)

The programme is archived here. There is a slight pause between part 1 and part 2 (32:17 minutes total).

Maple Leaf

Monday, March 29, 2004  12:25 Atlantic time
Halifax CJCH Radio, 920AM
The "Hotline" with Rick Howe

David Orchard interviewed by Rick Howe on the "Hotline" broadcast in Halifax and in parts of Nova Scotia. The programme is archived here.

Maple Leaf

Friday, March 26, 2004 between 12 noon -1 p.m.,
(10 minute segment)

CBC Radio Alberta, "Friday Scrum" on "Wild Rose Country" with Donna McElligott

David Orchard debates Rod Love, Reform-Alliance strategist and longtime unite-the-right proponent on Stephen Harper's winning the Conservative leadership race.

Airs Alberta-wide, on 1010AM in Calgary and on 740AM in Edmonton. The programme is archived here.

Maple Leaf

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
CBC Radio Saskatchewan "Noon Edition"

David Orchard gives his views on the Budget, particularly the announced sale of Petro-Canada and cuts to VIA Rail, with comments from guest David Perry, Senior Research Associate, Canadian Tax Foundation. Click here to listen. (7 minutes, 50 seconds)

Maple Leaf

Monday, March 22, 2004
8:30 - 10 a.m. across Canada, local time,
7:30 - 9 a.m. in the Maritimes

CBC Radio "The Current" with Anna Maria Tremonti

David Orchard interviewed about the Conservative leadership results (no exact time set, likely in the beginning of the programme). Check local listings for station frequency or listen live at www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/ (Click on the link on the right side of the page.)

If you miss the programme, you'll find it archived on the same page: follow the links to "latest show." There's also a "frequency guide" for locating CBC Radio in your area. Link is on right side of page.

Maple Leaf

Saturday, March 20, 2004, 6:00 p.m.
Mayfair United Church
902-33rd St.West, Saskatoon

Fundraising Dinner for David Orchard
with Silent Auction

Tickets $15, some still available. Reserve your ticket now by calling 664-8443 or by
e-mailing: ccaftnat@sasktel.net
Tickets can also be picked up at 489 2nd Ave North, Saskatoon, between 10 am - 5 pm.

Maple Leaf

Friday, March 19, 2004,   5:30 - 6:30 p.m. ET
(4:30 - 5:30 p.m. SK, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. PT)

Report on Business TV, "Squeeze play with Kevin O'Leary and Amanda Lang"
repeated same day 9 - 10 p.m. ET
(8 - 9 p.m. SK,   6 - 7 p.m. PT)

David Orchard will be on live ca 5:45 p.m. ET to comment on the Conservative leadership race.

Channel 57 in Toronto,
Channel 58 in Vancouver,
Please check local listings or go to "channel lookup" at www.robtv.com

This programme is also repeated on CTV Talk TV,
Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21, 2004
11 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET
Please check local listings or channel.

Maple Leaf

Sunday, March 7, 2004 1 - 5 p.m.
Dunsmuir Lodge
1515 McTavish Road, Victoria, BC

Fundraising luncheon, with David Orchard
"Greet, meet, and eat"

Tickets $25, please RSVP to Brian Burchill
tel (250) 592-7138 or Phyllis Bolton
tel (250) 537-5578
e-mail: bolton@saltspring.com

Maple Leaf

Saturday, March 6, 2004 5:30 p.m.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Hall
4235 Departure Bay Road, Nanaimo, B.C.
(one block behind Country Club Mall)

Fund-raiser pot-luck dinner with David Orchard

Live music, including The Owl and the Pussy Cat, and Joan Wallace. Please bring a dish to share. An offering will be received (suggested donation $10-$50) to help David Orchard retire his campaign debts and legal fees. For more information please contact Ian Gartshore at tel (250) 754-0698
e-mail: ianshore@nisa.net
or contact davidorchard@sasktel.net

Maple Leaf


NEW TIME is 9:00 a.m.

Friday, March 5, 2004 9:00 a.m. PT
Victoria B.C.

CFAX 1070 AM Radio phone-in show

David Orchard on the "Joe Easingwood Programme" with host Joe Easingwood. Can be heard throughout southern Vancouver Island at 1070 AM and live on the internet at http://www.cfax1070.com

Maple Leaf

Thursday, March 4, 2004 7p.m.
Scandinavian Community Centre
6540 Thomas Street, Burnaby, BC

David Orchard Fundraising Dinner

A chance to meet, hear, and talk with David Orchard about political developments while contributing to paying off his campaign debts and the legal fees incurred during the fight to preserve the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada following its unceremonious extinguishment. Tickets $20 per person -- to reserve, please contact Rose-Marie Larsson at (604) 215-5580 or
e-mail: rlarsson@telus.net

Maple Leaf

Monday, March 1, 2004 7 p.m.
Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB
Margaret Parson's Theatre

David Orchard on "Fourteen years of 'free trade': implications for Canadian sovereignty." A free, public talk sponsored by the Red Deer College Political Science Society, Contact Jeff Sloychuk, President,
tel (403) 872-1088
e-mail: rdcpolisci@hotmail.com
or contact davidorchard@sasktel.net

Maple Leaf

Monday, March 1, 2004 4 - 4:30 p.m. AB time
Red Deer TV, Duane Rolheiser's phone-in programme with Guest David Orchard. Can be seen in Red Deer and throughout central Alberta; also on cable in Edmonton and Calgary (please check local listings)

Maple Leaf

Sunday, February 29, 11:30 am - 2:30 pm.
Chateau Louis, The Commercial Room,
11727 Kingsway, Edmonton, AB

Luncheon with David Orchard "Greet, eat, and meet"

A chance to meet and talk, and hear from David about the developments since the unceremonious extinguishment of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. $20 per person (taxes and gratuity included).

RSVP as soon as possible by e-mailing: gvalli@ecn.ab.ca or by calling toll free 1-877-WE STAND (937-8263). (Leave a message there of how many will be attending, along with their names and phone numbers.) For further information contact davidorchard@sasktel.net

Maple Leaf

Thursday, February 27 and Friday, February 28, 2004, Edmonton, Alberta

The 78th Annual Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention: "Renewing the Spirit"

The 2-day convention expected to be attended by 9000 delegates and featuring 250 speakers and exhibitors, with sessions on topics of interest to educators, will be held in the Shaw Conference Centre, the Citadel Theatre, the Winspear Centre, the Thornton Court Hotel, the Westin Hotel and Centre High and is sponsored by the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association (GETCA) and the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) For more information and to register on-line (attendance is limited to teachers) please go to www.getca.com
e-mail: Secretary@getca.com

David Orchard will speak on "Free trade: Fourteen Years After" in the Shaw Centre, Salon 9, at 9 -10:15 a.m. on Friday, February 27.

Keynote speakers include:

Dr. Michele Borba, educator and award winning author of many books, including Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing on "how to develop students' moral intelligence."

Barbara Coloroso teacher, consultant on conflict resolution, and author of Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander: From Preschool to High School-How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence topic of bullying and the tools to break the cycle of violence.

Steve Dotto, host and executive producer of a popular Canadian TV programme on computers, "Dotto's Data Café," on the topic of "Technology and Education"

Linda Edgecombe, Canadian wellness consultant, "Life Perspective Specialist" and author of Batteries Included: Lessons to Balance and Energize Your Life on "how to show up energized and continuously finding new perspectives."

Dr. Kevin Gottlieb, Professor in the Department of Public Administration at Syracuse University's Maxwell School and President of the Washington, D.C. based Kevin Gottlieb & Associates, Inc., which focuses on public policy analyses, executive education and grassroots constituency development, on "Growing the Grassroots: Educating Policy Makers."

Deborah Grey, former teacher, Conservative MP for Edmonton North and the first Reform Party of Canada Member of Parliament elected to the House of Commons, on "Fifteen Years in the Classroom of Parliament."

Johnny 'Bagpipes' Johnston, Canadian comedian and bagpipe player, in a one-man session of comedy with bagpipes.

Brian Keating, Head, Conservation Outreach, Calgary Zoo, anthropologist and world traveling wildlife conservationist on "Cold Leadership: the Extraordinary Capabilities on Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton."

Michael Kerr, Canadian and international business speaker, trainer and author of You Can't Be Serious! Putting Humour to Work on how humour can help manage stress at work, spark creativity and, boost morale.

David Orchard, farmer, politician and author of the best selling book, The Fight for Canada: Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism, on "Free trade: Fourteen Years After"

Bill Richardson, writer, humourist and host of CBC Radio's "Richardson's Round-Up" on "Frequently Asked Questions," how everyday stories of everyday lives become the building blocks of a radio programme.

Maple Leaf

Friday, February 27, 2004 1-2 p.m. AB time (MST)
CBC Radio "Wild Rose Forum" on 740 AM in Edmonton, 1010 AM in Calgary. David Orchard will be the guest on this Alberta-wide phone-in programme with host Don Hill. For other Alberta CBC Radio One frequencies see http://calgary.cbc.ca/frequencies.html
Listen live at http://calgary.cbc.ca/radio1/

Maple Leaf

Thursday, February 26, 2004 7 p.m.
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Tory Lecture Theatre, Rm TB1

David Orchard on "Fourteen years of 'free trade': implications for Canadian sovereignty." A free, public talk sponsored by the Alberta Public Interest Research Group.
Contact Sean Tisdall tel (780) 433-9815
e-mail: stisdall@ualberta.ca
or contact davidorchard@sasktel.net

Maple Leaf

Wednesday, February 25, 2004 10-11 p.m. ET
CTS-TV "Michael Coren Live"Channel 36, Cable 9 in Toronto; across Canada on Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice Guests: Akaash Maharaj, federal Liberal Party activist; Adam Giambrone, federal NDP President; and David Orchard

Maple Leaf

Wednesday, February 25/04 at 8 p.m. ET, repeat broadcast at 11 p.m. ET
CPAC's "Primetime Politics" with Peter Van Dusen

David Orchard will be on CPAC's "Primetime Politics" to talk about his court suit against the Conservative Party for illegally withholding $70,000 of his leadership campaign funds. The programme airs live on-line... Click here to view.

Maple Leaf

Sunday, February 22, 2004 11:00 am - 2:00 p.m.
Scoreboard Sports Bar and Eatery
1430 Yonge, Toronto, ON
(just south of St. Clair Ave)

Fundraising brunch with David Orchard

Door prizes and raffle. Tickets are $20 each -- please reserve in advance by calling Grant Orchard at
tel (416) 778-7027
e-mail: grantorchard@bellnet.ca

Maple Leaf

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