The Fight for Canada: Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism
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Book Cover: The Fight for CanadaThe Edmonton Journal, Saturday, July 17, 1993
Public snaps up anti-free-trade text
by Sherrie Aikenhead

The RCMP have called him manipulative, scheming and argumentative, but many Canadians admire David Orchard. Right now, they love his anti-free trade book. continued...

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The Province (Vancouver), Monday, 5 July, 1993
Free-trade foe's a hit
by Jeani Read

'Twas the night before Canada Day. In the Vancouver Public Library downtown people were gathering for the book launch of one of the most interesting author's of the library's Celebrity Authors series: David Orchard.

Quite a lot of people were gathering. There were about twice as many people as seats, with more arriving to stand, lean over the mezzanine railing, perch along the broad baseboards or swipe additional chairs from library tables. continued...

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Times-Colonist (Victoria), Sunday, June 27, 1993
Free trade pact opponent makes strong argument
by Bev Wake

Powerful and compelling... If this book can be measured by the number of questions it raises and thoughts it provokes, The Fight for Canada will be recognized as a great book. continued...

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eye magazine (Toronto), 1 July, 1993
Selling out the nation: Three new books investigate the impact of Mulroney, the United States and free trade
by Scott Anderson

If you read one book before the general election, make it this one. Orchard has done an excellent job of chronicling Canada’s historical struggle to maintain its sovereignty in the face of unrelenting U.S. expansionism and domination. continued...

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Calgary Herald, Saturday, June 19, 1993
Fight for Canada rings bell of alarm
by George Melnyk

This would be the stuff of movies, if we had a film industry that had the courage to produce historical epics with an anti-American tone. continued...

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The Toronto Star, Saturday, June 19, 1993
Resisting the cozy U.S. embrace
by Heath Macquarrie

There is today a euphoric tendency to regard Canada-U.S. confrontations as mere skirmishes between blood brothers. Orchard recalls that there have been bitter and powerful attacks against our territorial sovereignty fuelled by the avid bellicosity of U.S. political leaders. continued...

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Calgary Herald, Wednesday, July 21, 1993
Free-trade battle a lopsided affair
by Robert Bragg

Orchard’s is a solitary, but articulate, voice speaking against the trade deals to small but growing audiences of hundreds as he makes his way across Western Canada. Canadian historian Kenneth McNaught describes him as “heir to an old and honorable Canadian tradition: that of the farmer activist.” continued...

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Monday Magazine (Victoria, B.C.), July 8-14, 1993
Fight for Canada: David Orchard unleashes his anti-free trade manifesto
by James MacKinnon

The book is a Canadian social history, journal of the Canada–U.S. Free Trade Agreement’s (FTA) development, point by point handbook to the FTA and NAFTA deals, and blue print for the erasure of them from the law books. continued...

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Education Forum (OSSTF/FEESO), Summer 1994
The Fight for Canada: Four Centuries of resistance to American Expansionism by David Orchard
by Bob Davies

... a clear explanation in layperson’s language of the two free trade agreements, and it is a strong storyteller’s depiction of how this issue of the threat of US takeover has faced us either militarily or economically since the late 1500s. continued...

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February 17, 1994
letter by fax
To: CCAFT and all who should care
From: Stompin Tom Connors

This book, "The Fight for Canada," by David Orchard, should not only be required reading for every Canadian, but it should also be held in the hand of every elected Member of Parliament (including the Prime Minister) while taking the oath of office and swearing allegiance to uphold the Canadian Constitution.

Why? Because "The Fight for Canada" makes you want to ...! continued...

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The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon), Saturday, July 3, 1993
Insightful study of free trade
by Howard McConnell

... not a dry economic treatise, but an intensely readable and thoroughly researched plea for a change of economic course. continued...

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The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) Saturday, May 15, 1993
Historical perspective of U.S. domination colors trade plans
by Verne Clemence

From the 1613 looting of Port Royal in an attack launched against the Acadians by the governor of Virginia, through the heroics of Isaac Brock and Chief Tecumseh in repelling a vastly superior American invasion in 1812, the “Fifty-four forty or fight” presidential campaign of James Polk in 1844 to the Bomarc missile debacle of the 1960s... Orchard devotes the first half of the book to that early history, then traces contemporary American actions, such as meddling to help defeat the unfriendly Diefenbaker government in the 1960s and American outrage when Lester Pearson dared to oppose the Vietnam war. continued...

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Ottawa Citizen, 25 October, 2003
David Orchard's love of Canada is something we can all believe in
by Margret Kopala

The battle scenes are terrific, but the battles around free trade bring Orchard's research into its own... Is David Orchard an anachronism? An impossible dreamer tilting at windmills? Silly him for believing Canada, on her own terms, could be great. continued...

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