Articles of Interest, Thursday, February 5, 2009
Self-defence against peace
by Michael Mandel

Did self-defence justify Israel's war on Gaza? Objections have been raised to this claim on grounds of a lack of both proportionality and necessity. ... A more fundamental objection, however, is the self-evident legal and moral principle that an aggressor cannot rely upon self-defence to justify violence against resistance to its own aggression. You can find this principle in domestic law and in the judgments of the Nuremberg tribunals. continued...

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Global Research, November 30, 2008 and in the Ottawa Citizen, Wednesday, December 3, 2008 in an edited version
Towards a Progressive Coalition Government in Canada
by Helen Forsey

After our costly and frustrating October 2008 trip to the polls, Canadians are once again being held hostage to the notion that a government can never be defeated in the House of Commons without triggering an election. If Eugene Forsey were still alive, we would know that the weapon being held to our heads is only a toy gun. ... We need not be hamstrung by the constant fear of another election. We must shake off our ignorance of the constitution and use the tools it offers to make our parliamentary system work for us. continued...

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Global, Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Canada needs a Liberal-NDP-Green Coalition
by John Ryan

There is no question that Canada has a dysfunctional political system in which the views of the majority of Canadians cannot be represented by a single political party. Although almost two-thirds of Canada's voters in the last two elections opposed the platform, policies, and philosophy of the Conservative party, it is the Conservatives who have formed the government. The majority vote was split amongst four parties, thereby thwarting the predominant will of the people and making a mockery of democracy. And this may very well continue into the future.

... So what do we do? How do we get out of a system that seems to ensure an unending regime of Conservative governments – governments that do not have the support of the bulk of our population? continued...

Maple Leaf, May 6, 2005
An open letter by Sinclair Stevens

... Some say Mr. Harper has a hidden agenda. I disagree. He has a very clear agenda. For some reason however, most people, including mainline media, do not want to believe Mr. Harper means what he says. Here are the facts. continued

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Posted with permission of the author:

The Walrus, October, 2004
The Man Behind Stephen Harper
by Marci McDonald

... Most voters had never heard of Flanagan, who has managed to elude the media while helping choreograph Harper's shrewd, three-year consolidation of power. But among aboriginal activists, his name set off alarms. For the past three decades, Flanagan has churned out scholarly studies debunking the heroism of Métis icon Louis Riel, arguing against native land claims, and calling for an end to aboriginal rights. Those stands had already made him a controversial figure, but four years ago, his book, First Nations?Second Thoughts, sent tempers off the charts. continued...

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Vancouver Sun, Friday, August 20, 2004
CanWest News service

Controversial Tory joins Greens: David Scrymgeour raises leadership candidate's cry that environmental party is drifting right
by Bill Curry

OTTAWA -- The Conservative party's first interim executive director David Scrymgeour -- who was also campaign director to Ontario Tory leadership candidate Jim Flaherty -- has jumped ship to work as an adviser to the Green party.

Scrymgeour was at the heart of the infamous backroom deal between David Orchard and Peter MacKay at the final Progressive Conservative convention that gave MacKay the party leadership. Orchard demanded MacKay remove Scrymgeour as the PCs' national director in exchange for his support because Scrymgeour was seen as overly supportive of a merger with the Canadian Alliance...continued

The following April 8, 2003 letter to then PC Party National President Bruck Easton from Grant Orchard, Leadership Campaign Manager for David Orchard, provides the background to why Orchard demanded Scrymgeour's removal as national director.

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Toronto Star , Sunday, Jun 27, 2004
No 'progressive' in Harper: Senator
by Sandra Cordon

OTTAWA - On the eve of a federal vote that's certain to be a cliff-hanger, an elder statesman of the former Progressive Conservative party has aimed a final backhand against Stephen Harper.

The new Conservative party led by Harper has carefully wiped out all its progressive elements to create a "reprehensible" right-wing movement, Senator Lowell Murray said one day before a tight federal vote...

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The Halifax Herald Limited, Thursday, May 13, 2004
MacKay's financial secret safe with Harper
No conflict, party leader says
by Stephen Maher

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper says he knows who paid off Peter MacKay's debt from the Progressive Conservative leadership campaign and he doesn't believe Mr. MacKay is in a conflict of interest...continued

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