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Reading list of books and articles mentioned (and almost mentioned) on CIUT Radio, September 6, 2004, Phil Taylor interviewing Marjaleena Repo

David Orchard
The Fight for Canada: Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism (Robert Davies, Westmount, QC, second edition, 1999)

The red thread of Canadian history revealed and the latest episode of "Manifest Destiny," i.e. the free trade Agreements, FTA and NAFTA, critically examined. See David Orchard's articles on Yugoslavia (and other topics) on his website: Orchard articles "Canada at war" (Globe and Mail, March 26, 1999),"Humanitarian bombing, month two" (April 26, 1999), and "Globalism's first victim" (National Post, June 23, 1999).

Michael Mandel
How America Gets Away with Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against Humanity (Pluto Press, 2004)

Read review by Edward Herman in Z Magazine, July/August 2004, in which he writes: "Mandel's book is a scholarly, but eminently readable and completely convincing demonstration that the U.S. wars against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the institutional apparatus that has given them legal support, such as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY, Tribunal) and the UN, have made a travesty or the law and are returning the world to the law of the jungle."

Diana Johnstone
"Seeing Yugoslavia through a dark glass: politics, media and the ideology of globalization," (Covert Action Quarterly, Fall 1998)

Available, with footnotes and all at This is a seminal article, a "must read" for all who truly wish to understand what happened to Yugoslavia. It benefits from several thorough readings. (It used to be available on CAQ website, but not for the moment.)

Diana Johnstone
Fool's crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO & Western Delusions (Pluto Press, 2003)

This book is the result of her ongoing investigative and theoretical/analytical work on the dismantling of Yugoslavia.

Michael Parenti
To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia (Verso Books, 2002)

"To Kill A Nation reveals a decade-long disinformation campaign waged by Western leaders and NATO officials in their pursuit of free-market 'reforms.' The political and economic destabilization of Yugoslavia continues today, Parenti shows, as does the forced privatization and Third Worldization of the entire region." (From Parenti's web page,

Tihomir Levajac
Here we go on trial again: cloned stories (2001)

This is an amazing collection of stories related to the war in Yugoslavia, the demonization of Serbs (the stories are on trial because they are not supposed to be told!) and the horror and absurdity of all wars. It is available on the internet, at Tihomir Levajac's website Start with the Prologue and then read Chapter 12, "A hospital in wartime", and you might agree with me that this a great writer daring to take on a challenging (to say the least!) topic.

John R. MacArthur
Second front: censorship and propaganda in the Gulf War (University of California Press, updated ed. 2004)

Tells well the story of the "incubator babies" hoax of 1991, which took the U.S. to war against Iraq for the first time. The hoax was perpetuated by Hill and Knowlton, which then moved onto similar mercenary work in the Balkans, where it had competition from Ruder Finn, which I write about in my article "Media and the demonization of the Serbs," in March '99. It was published in the American muckraking publication, Counter Punch, in May '99, and can still be found there. Although widely published on the internet, no newspaper in Canada would touch it at the time. (Recently a Canadian internet publication, The Free Press, discovered my article, and wrote a strong article on the basis of it. See: "PR that kills."

Marjaleena Repo
"Salman Rushdie's rush to judgment"

Another article of mine, "Salman Rushdie's rush to judgment" can be found in various locations of the net as well, such as It was written as a response to Rushdie's attack in the Globe and Mail on the German playwright, Peter Handke, who wouldn't join in the usual Yugoslavia/Serbia/Milosevic bashing expected of European intellectuals. Globe wouldn't print my rebuttal of Rushdie, either.


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