The Fight for Canada: Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism
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Book Cover: The Fight for Canada

In an effort to realize their grand dream of one nation from Panama to the Arctic, Americans have attempted to conquer our land and our spirit, using war, trade sanctions, and political interventions of all kinds. "The fight for Canada continues to this day," says David Orchard.

On its pages, over four hundred years of Canada-U.S. history come to life in clear, vivid language, from the founding of Canada to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). In a gripping and powerful way, The Fight for Canada sketches the early invasions of Canada from south of the border — in 1690, 1711, 1775 and 1812 — as well as the famous free trade elections of 1891, 1911 and 1988.

Orchard tells the stories of the Avro Arrow, the Hal Banks led busting of the Canadian Seamens Union which resulted in the dismantling of Canada's merchant marine, the construction of Canada's railroads, the CBC, the Canadian Wheat Board and more, and probes the legacy of John A. Macdonald, Georges-╔tienne Cartier, Louis Riel, Henri Bourassa, Pierre Trudeau, John Turner and others. He explains the evolution, content, economic and political effects of the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and NAFTA, provides a primer on the Meech Lake and Charlottetown constitutional accords, and considers what lies ahead for Canada.

Now in its seventh printing, this widely acclaimed book has been called the "Bible of Canadian nationalism" and has been described by people from all walks of life as a "must read" and as one that "should be required reading in schools and universities." Many have bought it and donated it to their local library and it appears on the reading lists of college and university Canadian history classes.

The Fight for Canada makes a wonderful Christmas and all-year round gift, and is available for  $19.95 plus $10.00 for postage and shipping (add $1.00 for each additional copy). The French edition, Hors des griffes de l’aigle, is available for $24.50 plus $20.00 postage ($1.00 for each additional copy).

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For bulk orders (20% discount on ten or more copies) or to pay by cheque, please contact:

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What people have said about The Fight for Canada:


"This book should not only be required reading for every Canadian, but it should also be held in the hand of every elected Member of Parliament (including the Prime Minister) while taking the oath of office and swearing allegiance to uphold the Canadian Constitution.

Why? Because "The Fight for Canada" makes you want to ...!"

Stompin Tom Connors

"It's so easy to read, there's nothing confusing in it. it's just perfect. it's going to be the book of the year and of my life. I just hated to lay it down.

Aune Guichon, homemaker, Edmonton

"Orchard has done an excellent job of chronicling Canada’s historical struggle to maintain its sovereignty in the face of unrelenting U.S. expansionism and domination."

eye weekly, Toronto

"This book is the Bible of the Canadian nationalist movement."

Martin Duckworth, filmmaker, Montreal

"... an intensely readable and thoroughly researched plea for a change of economic course.... Anyone interested in the free trade controversy can read this book with profit."

Howard McConnell, former professor of law, University of Saskatchewan

"David Orchard has documented the various attempts by American interests to take control of Canada, beginning in the 1700s, through to the present time. He reminds those of us in English Canada. that those early attacks were turned back by the people of Quebec, and if those early, brave Canadians had failed, Canada would now be a part of the U.S.

David Orchard is to be commended for his work, that will indeed rekindle the sense of pride of being Canadian and bring about a better understanding and level of respect among all Canadians."

Ralph Ferguson, MP, Lambton-Middlesex, ON

"What impressed me most was the way David Orchard dealt with the French and the Natives. I have always had hard feelings about French Canadians. I always thought they got too much. Now I realize they should have gotten a lot more — and be honoured for it."

David Bagley, truck driver, Saskatoon

"Thanks for the best history of Canada I've ever read."

Martin Kierans, geologist

"Distinctly moving... forthright and carefully researched... in an era of crumbling federal states, or reinvigorated ethnicity and tribalism, and of enormous pressure to seek shelter in harmonizing economic blocs, it is time to talk a little about love of country. Orchard does this intelligently, perceptively.

Moreover, he has taken the trouble (a great deal of it) to provide a convincing historical analysis of the struggle waged by generations of Canadians to maintain their right to forge a society different from — and perceived by them as more humane than — that of their republican neighbour."

Kenneth McNaught, former professor of history and author

"Devastatingly accurate... a fine piece of research and written with the kind of clarity that makes it accessible to a large public, which it deserves."

Howard Zinn, author and historian

"Orchard has demonstrated an intellectual grasp of issues that few people understand... The scholarship is amazing and the logic compelling. Read it and you’ll be the better Canadian for it."

Adam Zimmerman, retired Chairman of Noranda

"... a masterful treatment of the history of Canada."

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada

"In the tradition of Charles Taylor's 'Radical Tories'...  Orchard became a conservative patriot sharing with Macdonald a belief in a 'nation which would have a separate and autonomous existence in North America' ...

Is David Orchard an anachronism? An impossible dreamer tilting at windmills? Silly him for believing Canada, on her own terms, could be great. Certainly, he is our last radical Tory making one, possibly last, stand. Canada needs him and a task force on the Free Trade Agreement."

Margaret Kopala, author and former Progressive Conservative Party federal candidate and Canadian Alliance riding president

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