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The Canadian Alliance-PC Party Merger

Legal documents

The MacKay-Orchard Agreement

The agreement signed by Peter MacKay and David Orchard formed the basis for Orchard's final-ballot support for MacKay at the PC Party Leadership Convention, May 31, 2003.
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Moncton Times and Transcript, June 06, 2003
N.B. Senator Brokers Tory Pact

Noel Kinsella helped orchestrate controversial deal which gave PC leadership to Peter MacKay.

By Campbell Morrison

OTTAWA. New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Senator Noel Kinsella brokered the controversial deal between Tory leadership candidates Peter MacKay and David Orchard that secured MacKay's victory...continued

Montreal Gazette, Friday, June 06, 2003
"What's most troubling about the MacKay-Orchard Magna Carta?"

By Aislin


Globe and Mail, 23 June 2003
Don't do it, Peter
There is no good reason for Tories to climb into bed with the Alliance
by Senator Lowell Murray

Stephen Harper called last week for an "electoral coalition" between the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties. If our party's leader, Peter MacKay, goes down this road -- and he seems tempted to explore it -- he will waste precious time and political capital. And he will find it's a dead end... continued

Globe and Mail, Wed 25 Jun 2003
An Alliance kiss of death
The Tories should call Stephen Harper's bluff by proposing a common platform for the next election
by Norman Spector

Stephen Harper wants to make "common cause" with newly elected Tory leader Peter MacKay in order to throw the Liberal rascals out of office. The Alliance leader says voters expect the two parties to present a single slate of candidates in the next election. That's eyewash... continued

Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Thu 26 Sep 2003
Unite-the-right is all wrong
by William Christian

At the Progressive Conservative leadership convention, Peter McKay made a deal with David Orchard that does not appear to have borne much fruit. The PC constitution requires the party to run candidates in all of Canada s ridings and McKay promised that he would honour that requirement. Politicians lie much less than most people think but it disgusts me that McKay would toss aside so lightly a seriously promise so publicly given.....continued

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The Globe and Mail, 10 October 2003
Unite the right? Don't bother us with the details

by John Ibbitson

'We're not worried about things like the party constitution," one Tory close to the unite-the-right talks said, "we're just trying to do a deal, here."

Well guys, it's time to take a look at that constitution...continued

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
MacKay-Harper Agreement in Principle

The text of the article is in PDF format. (1.2mb)

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The Toronto Sun, 21 October 2003
The price of a party

Alliance members are buying up Tory memberships left and right, not only to counter the influence of anti-merger PC David Orchard, but to ensure their control of the merged party
by Greg Weston

If we are to believe the grand promoters of conservative merger-mania, Canadians across the land are wildly plunking down their ten bucks and snapping up Tory party memberships like tickets for the final Stones concert.

"This thing is right out there catching fire -- the stampede is on," declared former Canadian Alliance MP Ray Speaker, one of the architects of the merger deal with the Tories. Any naysayers trying to get in the way of ratifying the planned political union of the decade, Speaker added, "are going to get stampeded in the rush to buy memberships." By no coincidence, much of the rush to join the Tory party is coming from Canadian Alliance members.

Why would anyone plunk down good money to join the Tory party on the eve of its funeral?

Answer: To make sure it is dead...continued

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Winnipeg Free Press, October 21, 2003
One plus one does not make two
by Frances Russell

"The Conservative Party of Canada will combine the institutional history and expertise of the PC Party with the grassroots democracy and energy of the Canadian Alliance," Progressive Conservative Party Leader Peter MacKay proclaimed at his news conference with Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper last week.

Now, that would be a party that would offer a real alternative to the Liberals. But what is far more likely is that the new "united right" will be just the opposite, exhibiting the institutional history and expertise of the Canadian Alliance and the grassroots democracy and energy of the PC Party....continued

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Globe and Mail, Thu 23 October 2003
Tories: Block this deal before it's too late
by Lowell Murray

Progressive Conservatives who imagine they can make moderate, centrist policy prevail in the proposed new Conservative Party of Canada anytime soon are dreaming in Technicolor...continued

Thursday, October 23, 2003
Critical News on the Proposed PC-CA Merger

Members of the PC Party who are opposed to the proposed merger of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties, in a joint effort, commissioned the legal firm of Gardiner Roberts LLP to prepare a legal opinion on the ramifications of the proposed merger. Their report was released on October 23, 2003 and sent as a memo to Marjaleena Repo, senior adviser to David Orchard and a member of the PC Party's Management Committee.

To view the report in PDF format, click here.

Winnipeg Free Press, Fri 24 Oct 2003
Alliance to overpower Tories
But merger math may not add up in polling booth
by William Neville

The proposed Progressive Conservative-Canadian Alliance marriage (you should pardon the expression, but others have already characterized it as a same-sect marriage) is going to be the phenomenon of the fall -- in several senses... continued

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Winnipeg Free Press, Fri 24 Oct 2003
Watch for a purge of Red Tories
by Frances Russell

Leadership frontrunner and former Ontario premier Mike Harris believes "nothing is more valuable than our unparalleled relationship with the world's only superpower," and plans "a common sense revolution for Canada", big tax and spending cuts and an immigration policy that discourages refugees because they "want to rely on the state."

Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning hopes the new Conservative Party will build a "conservative political infrastructure" for Canada dedicated to maintaining and expanding "the intellectual foundations of fiscal, social, cultural, democratic and constitutional conservatism."

Tom Long, the guru behind former Ontario premier Mike Harris's Common Sense Revolution, believes there is a small-c conservative majority in Canada. "We're working with 10 years of pent-up (political) energy. What people are really after is lower taxes, (smaller) government, a rebuilt military, and respect for law and order."

One week into the launch of the latest "great right hope" and the portents are perilous for those who seek a "big tent" party capable of unseating the governing Liberals. So far, the proponents of a united right are making it clear they aren't interested in giving a real option to Canadians. They are only interested in fashioning their own little sandbox where they can play their own narrow ideological games...continued

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Toronto Star, October 24, 2003
An open letter to Peter MacKay
A veteran Progressive Conservative party MP writes to party Leader Peter MacKay about the proposed Tory-Canadian Alliance merger.
by Sinclair Stevens

Dear Peter:

I write to you in sorrow and disappointment. As you know, I voted for you on May 31, to be the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. I did so, partly influenced by your pamphlet, which was distributed at the convention.

You spoke of a new conservative course. You listed six priorities of the new conservative course and set out in detail your views on the economy, health, security, democracy, quality of life and justice. There was no mention of the Canadian Alliance party or their radical views...continued

Winnipeg Free Press, Sunday 02 November 2003
Toryism's Last Lament
by Trevor Harrison

MANY view the current Alliance-Tory rapprochement as healing a rift begun when Preston Manning founded the Reform party in 1987. In truth, it is the culmination of a civil (and sometimes uncivil) war within conservatism going back more than 40 years... continued

Winnipeg Free Press, Friday 07 November 2003
Potential leaders in short supply
Mulroney reappears as a player
by William Neville

During the first weeks of the betrothal of the Tories and the Canadian Alliance, the name that most frequently bubbled to the top as a prospective near-dream candidate to lead the new party was that of Mike Harris, the former premier of Ontario. ... continued

The Star-Phoenix, Thursday 13 November 2003
Effort to undermine true conservatives devious
by Anthony Hall

The taint of the failed Meech Lake Accord permeated the Harper-MacKay accord the moment the two political leaders shook hands. continued

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Toronto Star, Nov. 14, 2003
No future for PC party
Proposed right-wing alliance would violate the progressive and moderate traditions of its former leaders
by Flora MacDonald

On my return to Canada from Afghanistan where I work with groups of war widows, I was surprised to receive a call from a CBC reporter asking for my views on the merger...continued

Globe and Mail, November 14, 2003
Progressives at the brink
Tories who are ready to kill off their own party, with the help of the Canadian Alliance, should consider the political outcome, says JOE CLARK
by Joe Clark

The federal Liberal Party is poised to run Canada as a one-party state for another 20 years, at least. But the critical decision on that future will not be made by delegates to today's coronation of Paul Martin. It will be determined instead by the success — or failure — of the proposed Canadian Alliance takeover of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada...continued

Winnipeg Free Press, Sunday 16 November 2003
A Red Tory's Creed
by Dale Swirsky

WHY not support the merger? We're all conservatives, aren't we? Don't we need an alternative to the Liberals? The PC party is as good as dead due to the infighting created by the merger, so why fight it? Ah, the noble "if you can't beat them, join them" pitch. ... continued

November 21, 2003, Ottawa    (2:35 minute video)
Watch David Orchard explain his convention agreement with Peter MacKay
(excerpted from the November 21st Press Conference.)

Globe and Mail , Friday 21 November 2003
Tories might well ask: What's it all about?
by John Ibbitson

For the proposed Conservative Party of Canada, it's just one thing after another.

Former Ontario premier Ernie Eves has told his caucus he wants to step down in January, and has recommended a leadership convention for March. If the party concurs, it will be dismal news for efforts to unite the federal PC and Canadian Alliance parties...continued

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21 November 2003 - Ottawa
David Orchard challenges takeover: National Press Theatre press conference
(24-minute streamed video)

Hear David explaining:

  • his original convention agreement with Peter MacKay on May 31st: that there would be no merger with the Canadian Alliance;
  • how Peter MacKay has, with no mandate from the PC membership, signed an "Agreement-in-Principle" with Stephen Harper, proposing just such a merged party;
  • how the proposed merger contradicts the expressed wishes of the PC membership, as indicated by a vast majority of delegates at the past two PC conventions;
  • how the proposed merged party does not reflect the interests of the Canadian public, and is likely to be far less successful at the polls than an invigorated PC party dedicated to upholding its own time-honoured values.

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Toronto Sun, Sunday 23 November 2003
Clark & Orchard: An odd pair of party poopers
They are, for the most part, Red Tories who would rather die, politically, than join the Alliance.
by Linda Williamson

In just 19 days, this country's national political landscape will be profoundly changed. Not only is Dec. 12 the day Jean Chretien will finally make his overdue exit from the Prime Minister's Office, it's also the ratification deadline for the equally overdue merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservatives into the new Conservative Party of Canada... continued

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Launch of the legal suit against the proposed merger

At a press conference held November 26, 2003 at the offices of Sack Goldblatt Mitchell, David Orchard announced the official launch of the legal suit and introduced key plaintiffs.

In this video, you will see the entire press conference, including the lively and various comments of a range of supporters as well as a question period towards the end. Those speaking include Sean Dewart, chief lawyer on the case, who summarizes the crux of the legal argument; C. Hanson Dowell, chairman of the PC Party Presidents Council of Nova Scotia and a life-long Tory; Oscar Johvicas, immediate past president of the Beaches-East York federal PC Association and an active party member since 65;. Jean Glover, supporter from Haldeman-Norfolk, Ontario; Marie Gatley, great-grandniece of Sir John A. Macdonald; and Arthur Langford, supporter from Haldeman-Norfolk, Ontario.

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Toronto Star, Mon 01 December 2003
All out of principle here
It is becoming clear the proposed merger deal between the PCs and the Alliance honours nothing but power for its own sake
by Jessie Chauhan

Much is said and written about the cynicism with which Canadians hold politicians, the political process and public institutions. The proposed merger of the Progressive Conservatives and the Alliance only contributes to this trend...continued

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Globe and Mail, Monday 01 December 2003
Who will write the new Conservatives' platform?
by John Ibbitson

Early returns from the weekend's delegate-selection meetings suggest that Progressive Conservatives across the country have emphatically endorsed the proposal to merge with the Canadian Alliance.

Even the homophobic rants of Alliance MP Larry Spencer, a disturbing reminder of the undercurrent of bigotry that lurks at the fringes of populist conservatism, proved insufficient to deter the merger...continued

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Globe and Mail, December 1, 2003
Why we’re going to court
A small clique has hijacked our party and violated its constitution, say long-time Tories
by David Orchard, Hanson Dowell, Oscar Johvicas, and John Perrin
...Read the story

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Canadian Press, Friday, December 5, 2003
Ontario judge rejects Tory maverick David Orchard's lawsuit
by Greg Bonnell

David Orchard's lawsuit against the Progressive Conservative party over its proposal to merge with the Canadian Alliance has no merit, an Ontario judge ruled Friday.

"The application is dismissed in its entirety," Superior Court Justice Russell Juriansz said in a written decision... continued

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Attempts to stifle party democracy

Read Saskatchewan PC Vice-President Marjaleena Repo's resolution to stop the vote from going ahead on the merger deal which she was prevented from presenting at the PC Party Management Committee meeting in Ottawa, October 25, 2003. Party President, Bruck Easton, backed by PC Legal Counsel John Scott, ruled the resolution out of order.

Read Manitoba PC Riding President John Perrin's resolution to stop the deal from going forward which he was prevented from presenting in the National Council meeting, November 8, 2003. Again, Bruck Easton and John Scott ruled the resolution and all other resolutions on the merger out of order.

Rules and Procedures for Delegate Selection Meetings — These meetings were held by PC riding associations between November 29 and December 2, 2003 for the purpose of selecting delegates to a Special Meeting of Members which was held on December 6, 2003.

Final Rules — These are the Rules and Procedures for the Special Meeting of Members held on December 6, 2003. (It was at this meeting that delegates voted to dissolve the PC party and create a new, merged party with the former Canadian Alliance members.)

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Letter to PCPC Management Committee, Friday, December 12, 2003
Kingsley announces the end of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
Jean-Pierre Kingsley

In accordance with subsection 401(2) of the Canada Elections Act, I wish to inform you that the registry of parties was amended on December 7, 2003, by replacing the names Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with the name Conservative Party of Canada....continued

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Debates of the Senate (Hansard), Thursday, February 5, 2004
3rd Session, 37th Parliament,
Volume 141, Issue 4

Reasons for Sitting as Progressive Conservative
by Hon. Norman Atkins

Read Norman Atkin's speech to the Senate.

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Press release, Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ethics like charity begin at home, David Orchard tells the Conservative party of Canada

Much is made by the new entity, the Conservative Party, of the lack of ethics and trustworthiness of the Liberal government. Not a day goes by without a Conservative Party representative, sometimes Peter MacKay himself, pronouncing on the dishonesty of the Liberals and emanding accountability. "Where is the money?" they call out, and "Give back the money," they demand... continued
aussi en francais

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Globe and Mail, Wednesday, 25 Feb 2004
Orchard takes Conservatives to court again
by Luma Muhtadie

Former Tory leadership candidate David Orchard has filed another lawsuit against the new Conservative Party for violating its own rules by holding on to more than $70,000 of his money from the leadership campaign... continued

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Debates of the Senate (Hansard), Thursday, February 26, 2004
3rd Session, 37th Parliament,
Volume 141, Issue 17

Reasons for Sitting as Progressive Conservative
by Hon. Lowell Murray

Read Lowell Murray's speech to the Senate.

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Press Release, Friday, March 5, 2004
Why did the Chief Electoral Officer create the Conservative Party of Canada on a Sunday?

There will be a motion in Federal Court in Toronto on Monday, March 8th asking the court to order the Chief Electoral Officer to provide more information from his files concerning the creation of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Chief Electoral Officer registered the Conservative Party of Canada as a result of a purported merger between the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance on Sunday, December 7th, 2003. One consequence of the registration was to eliminate the Progressive Conservative Party. The full story...

Maple Leaf

Globe and Mail, Monday, March 08, 2004
Stevens asks to see file on Tory merger
"The objective was to pre-empt a legal challenge, Marjaleena Repo, the Progressive Conservative Party's Saskatchewan vice-president [and David Orhcard's senior advisor], says in an affidavit."
by Gay Abbate

Former Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Sinclair Stevens will be in court today asking for all documentation from the federal chief electoral officer on why he approved the merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives on a Sunday, depriving opponents of the chance to take legal steps to stop it...continued

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The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon), Friday, April 2, 2004
Orchard plans comeback for PC party
by Darren Bernhardt

David Orchard, the Saskatchewan farmer and former Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful, has vowed to provide a new federal party to people forsaken by the recent PC and Canadian Alliance merger. When that happens and whether it means a new party on the federal political landscape or resuscitation under the PC banner remains to be seen.

"I'm considering everything now... continued

Maple Leaf

The StarPhoenix, Monday, April 5, 2004
Orchard wins fight against Tories
by Darren Bernhardt

Saskatchewan farmer David Orchard has struck a major blow against his Goliath, dodging a $200,000 lawsuit by the Conservative Party of Canada.

"It lifts a great weight off our shoulders, this threat of huge costs," said Orchard, the former Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful. "It's a significant victory for us. I can tell you our people all across the country are happy." continued... aussi en francais continuez...

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Media release, Monday, April 5, 2004
PC loyalists win in the Ontario Superior Court

Following the December 5, 2003 ruling by Justice R. Juriansz in the legal challenge to the merger between the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party (Ahenakew et al vs MacKay), the new Conservative party filed a claim with the judge for a $200,000.00 cost award against David Orchard and the 22 other applicants ... continued
aussi en francais continuez

Media release, April 25, 2004
PC-CA merger case goes to Ontario Court of Appeal

Following the March 23, 2003 ruling by Justice Russell Juriansz, wherein the judge rejected the new Conservative party's claim for a $200,000.00 costs award against David Orchard and the 22 other applicants, the Progressive Conservative loyalists are set to take their case to keep the PC Party alive to the Ontario Court of Appeal. continued

Maple Leaf

Tuesday, April 27, 10:30 am.
Appeal Hearing, Merger case, Ahenakew vs MacKay.
Ontario Court of Appeal,
130 Queen Street West (old Osgoode Hall)
Toronto, ON

Appeal of December 5, 2003 ruling by Justice Juriansz in the Canadian Alliance - PC Party merger case.

Maple Leaf

Toronto Star, Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Fighting for her family - and her party
Creation of the new Tories a 'betrayal'
First PM's relative appealing merger

by Tracey Tyler

The cobblestone path to Ontario's highest court might cause lesser beings to falter, but Marie Gatley didn't miss a step. She may be 83, but she's just as steely in her determination to rescue one of Canada's founding political parties - and her family legacy... continued

Maple Leaf

Winnipeg Free Press, Friday, April 30, 2004
Focus properly shifts to Harper
by Frances Russell

Judging from the vituperation that greeted former Progressive Conservative leader and prime minister Joe Clark's warnings about the extremism of Conservative leader Stephen Harper, the new party's supporters are very worried... continued

Winnipeg Free Press, Friday, April 30, 2004
Clark's remarks reasonable
Anger focused more on his right to speak than substance of words

by William Neville

Joe Clark said this week that although neither Paul Martin nor Stephen Harper are ideal candidates for prime minister, Martin represents less of a danger to Canada than would Harper... continued

Press release, Thursday, May 6, 2004
Formation of the Conservative Party of Canada to be Challenged in Federal Court on May 11, 2004

An internal Elections Canada document reveals that, at a meeting on November 25th, 2003, the Chief Electoral Officer advised party representatives that he was prepared to adopt flexible and responsive procedural processes to respond effectively and efficiently to any application which might be submitted to his office. The Applicant takes the position that the processes adopted contravened the rights of the "PC Loyalists." The full story...

Maple Leaf

Globe and Mail, Monday, May 10, 2004
Undo Conservative merger, stalwarts to ask court

The new Conservative Party violated the Canada Elections Act by covertly creating a new political party instead of merging two parties into one, a group of former PC cabinet ministers is to allege this week in a legal application.

The former Progressive Conservative ministers, led by Sinclair Stevens, plan to argue in Federal Court tomorrow that the registration of the new party was rushed through with unjustifiable haste on a Sunday last December... continued

Maple Leaf

CBC Webpost (stjohns.cbc.ca), Monday, May 17, 2004
MP mystified by anti-merger suit
by CBC Staff

ST. JOHN'S ­ St. John's West MP Loyola Hearn says he's baffled by the support former Premier Brian Peckford is throwing behind a law suit that challenges the validity of the merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties... continued

CTV.ca, Tuesday, June 2, 2004
Lone Quebec Tory throws support behind Liberal
by CTV.ca News Staff

Former Conservative MP Andre Bachand has announced he will throw his support behind the Liberal candidate in his riding, dealing a blow to Stephen Harper's campaign in Quebec... continued

For more information, please see Legal Cases.

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